Embedded Linux systems have become industry standard as a low cost, open, and flexible alternative to proprietary operating systems. SoftYa’s embedded engineers and costumer care provides full intimate support during system migration, until you’re 100% satisfied with Linux.


    SoftYa has been delivering critical embedded Linux solutions to our customers for over 15 years. Our cutting-edge expertise allows you the highest quality, efficiency and innovation you need to excel beyond the future.


    Recent innovations and trends have made embedded Android the operating system of choice for the next generation of smart, connected devices. SoftYa’s team of Android engineers can help you decide if Android is right choice for your next project.


Bringing Your Ideas to Life

Our world is shaped by great ideas. Fresh ideas have the potential to change our life, to shift people, trends and everything we know from one end to the other. Ideas make businesses and markets rise and grow far beyond any expectation. Innovation starts from one great idea, and we at SoftYa can help you bring your idea to life, run it, test it and help you nourish your idea so it could change us to.


Serving Industry Leaders for Over 15 Years


  • Linux Board Support Package

    We specialize in developing all of the components that are necessary to run Linux on your product. Our services include: bootloaders, kernel development, and device driver programing.
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  • Migration to Linux

    If your product is running on operating systems, such as WinCE, VxWorks, or any other RTOS. then it’s time to move on. SoftYa’s experienced staff will guide you step by step to the new wonders of Linux. Read More

  • Application & BSP Porting

    If you need your application reprogrammed so it works with Linux, then you are in the right place. SoftYa’s application team is well experienced with complex application programing for the embedded market working tightly with various sectors. Read More

  • Android BSP & Framework

    SoftYa’s team of Android engineers will develop, customize and adapt Android’s  framework & applications, so they meet your projects need.  Read More


Stay Ahead of the Curve

If you are planning on migrating to Linux then you are in the right place. SoftYa has the industry’s top embedded Linux expertise ready to assist with your transition. These days more companies than ever are relying on embedded Linux solutions to operate and control their products. This is a part of a worldwide trend of turning to embedded Linux solutions. Linux offers a leading open source platform which can deliver all the features you might need over other embedded OSes. In fact, all leading chipset manufacturers consider Linux as their main target for operating system and highly recommend Linux as their first choice. So if you’re ready to let go of your old expensive proprietary software, give us a call and let’s get your business going.

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Product Consulting & Support

SoftYa specializes in consultation from the early stages of architecture and OS selection until the product is completed to your satisfaction and is shipped for installation. Our experience has proven to be a key contributor to many of our partners in designing Embedded Linux, friendly hardware meeting challenging requirements.

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